I have made several films about climate change simply because it is the single biggest threat that faces our world. Simon and I decided with THIN ICE to focus on the scientists as well as the science, and it was a privilege to meet so many brilliant and dedicated people. That we now understand how the Earth's climate works may raise grave issues, but it also represents a wonderful achievement of the human intellect which it is a pleasure to celebrate in this film.

I am a scientist and geologist. Back in 2006 I was at Oxford University, where I conceived the idea, together with Peter Barrett at Victoria University of Wellington, of making a film to communicate the science of climate change to a wide audience. This was at a time when there seemed a desperate need for scientists to explain clearly the scientific basis of man-made climate change, before we had even heard about Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’. The idea was to let the scientists speak directly to the audience, through interviews and film of their research in the field. The project began as a joint collaboration between Oxford University and Victoria University of Wellington. However, Antarctica New Zealand and New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmosphere offered logistical support to visit Antarctica and the southern Ocean. Given our small budget, the task of filming fell on myself. Over a period of 3 years, I took advantage of every opportunity to interview and film climate scientists around the world, eventually acquiring over 100 hours of material, which was professionally edited by David Fairhead in London, working closely with distinguished film maker David Sington. The film was premiered on Earth Day 2013, and has attracted a growing world-wide audience who clearly appreciate the intimate portrait of scientists around the world racing to understand our changing climate, learning why human activity is the cause.
  • a very clear and comprehensive look at the science behind climate change. It was easy to follow, informative - a pleasure to watch.

    — Second Nature Team, Boston, following the global launch on Earth Day.

Cast & Crew


              A David Sington and Simon Lamb film
    Photographed by Simon Lamb
    Executive Producers Peter Barrett and Philip England
    Co-produced by Catherine Fitzgerald
    Edited by David Fairhead
    Music by Philip Sheppard

The following experts were interviewed for the Thin Ice Project

MYLES ALLEN - Atmospheric Physicist CLIFF ATKINS - Geologist NANCY BERTLER - Glaciologist MARTIN BLUNT - Geochemist NEIL BOWLES - Atmospheric Physicist MARTIN BRASIER - Palaeontologist WALLACE BROECKER - Oceanographer LIONEL CARTER - Marine Geologist NIKI DAVEY - Marine Technician DAN DIXON - Glaciologist KATIE DUGGER - Marine Ecologist GAVIN DUNBAR - Geologist SIR LLOYD GEERING - Theologian DAVID HARWOOD - Geologist MATTHEW HUBER - Palaeoclimate Modeller PHILIP JONES - Climatologist BRIAN KARL - Marine Ecologist DANIEL KOSELI - Engineer ANDERS LEVERMANN - Ocean Modeller ADRIAN MACEY - Diplomat MARTIN MANNING - Atmospheric Chemist PAUL MAYEWSKI - Glaciologist MALTE MEINSHAUSEN - Climate Modeller FABIAN MOELLER - Engineer HUGH MORTIMER - Atmospheric physicist TIMOTHY NAISH - Geologist SCOTT NODDER - Oceanographer LISA NORTHCOTE - Marine Technician RAY PIERREHUMBERT - Planetary Physicist ALEX PYNE - Drilling Manager JAMES RAE - Oceanographer STEFAN RAHMSTORF - Climatologist ROS RICKABY - Marine Biochemist KATJA RIEDEL - Atmospheric Chemist LIZ SIKES - Oceanographer MARK SKIDMORE - Biologist CRAIG STEVENS - Oceanographer CRAIG STEWART - Marine Technician LONNIE THOMPSON - Glaciologist MIKE WILLIAMS - Oceanographer TONY WILLIAMS - Meteorologist